Nearly each morning for the last 15 years, Louise McKeever has walked around southern Crystal Lake picking up trash.

McKeever, 83, is affectionately known as “Garbage Lady” by school children, cyclists and area residents. Rain or shine, she can be spotted wearing her yellow reflective vest while walking along Golf Course Road and picking up garbage.

Nik Cash, who was assigned female at birth, has gone through drug deals gone bad, mental asylums. While he got a 30 on his ACTs he dropped out of high school because he was being bullied for his gender identity.

“The more and more I differed from what was socially acceptable, the better I felt,” said Cash.

Cash credits working at Zaxby’s fast-food restaurant as a big reason why he is still alive. The people he works with keep him going. 

Through working he decided to get his GED and begin classes at Western Kentucky University.

At 2 a.m. Cash works as DJ at the university’s radio station. His DJ name is Gerbil and said that he wished that he had a giant wheel that he could run around in all day long.